2018 Lexus IS F Review, Engine, Release Date and Price

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2018 Lexus IS F Review, Engine, Release Date and Price – The newest Lexus IS F is really taking a lot of attention from many of its’ parts, especially its exterior part. It is said that this car has a wonderful modification, powerful engine and it also uses the top quality materials for adding its comfort. Below is further information about those changes.

2018 Lexus IS F Exterior and Modifications

There are some changes and modifications that we can find on this car. Some of those modifications are like the impressive guided headlamp that has an amazing style, the front side aspect with barbecue grill. The back end in this 2018 Lexus IS F is revised with an excellent design. Many people agreed that this car has the indistinguishable dynamic and also an enhanced appearance. Basically, the exterior of 2018 Lexus IS F is really great.

2018 Lexus IS F Interior Design

2018 Lexus IS F Interior design photo

Next, we will see the changes on this 2018 Lexus IS F interior. Actually, there is no information about the detailed interior or cabin of this car. However, Lexus ensure that this car will use only the pleasurable premium materials and modern technologies. We can imagine that this car will e completed with touch screen display for making or adjusting some functions of this car. This car is completed with the professional configurations that are organized with the right measurement. It will make the driver is easier for using any buttons in this car and also the passengers. The safety features are also the things that will be thought really well by Lexus. Further development will be explained soon by Lexus.

2018 Lexus IS F Engine Options and Review

According to the rumors, there are two kind of engine options that will be applied on this car. Major option of engine that will be used on this car is the 2.5 Liter V6 Electric Motor that can generate up to 204 horsepower and 185 lb ft for the torque. The second engine option is the 3.5 V6 Engine that can make more power 306 horsepower with 277 lb ft for the torque. Those are two comprehensive engine options that can be chosen by the buyers. With these engine options, Lexus IS F is ready to enter and compete with the other cars on the same lineup.

2018 Lexus IS F Release Date and Price

It is already said by the carmaker that this 2018 Lexus IS F is for 2018 car model from Lexus. That is why; this car will be released in sometimes on 2018. It is maybe early or maybe in the middle of 2018. There is no further information and confirmation from Lexus yet about the detail release date of this car. Meanwhile for the price, there is also no exact information about the detail price of this new car. However, Lexus had already stated that 2018 Lexus IS F is a kind of affordable priced car, so we can assume that this car’s price will be not so expensive..

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