2019 BMW M4 CS series News, Changes, Price, Release Date

2019 BMW M4 News, Changes, Price, Release Date – The upgraded BMW M4 will be released by BMW as one of its popular car models. Some modifications can be noted at some parts of this car such as the changed headlamps. Besides that, the new touches are also given in its interior or cabin and of course, we can expect more for the engine. Below is the further information that we will share about this car.

2019 BMW M4 CS series SpyShot

2019 BMW M4 Exterior Review

Outside the car, you will be surprised because the bumper of this new 2019 BMW M4 was not changed. The back bumper is also not changed, but we can see the new headlamps in the front part of this car. However, from the whole exterior design, we can note that BMW made a great deal for this new M4 because this car is looked really sporty with the aerodynamic design. Although the exterior part is not changed a lot, this 2019 BMW M4 is still looked great and ready to compete with its rivals.

2019 BMW M4 Interior and Features

Just like the exterior, the interior of the new M4 is not changed a lot. There is a spy shot that we got about the car and from the picture; we can see that the specific parts of the dashboard are still a big secret. It seems that there is only a few uniqueness on the interior part, but sometimes ‘simple is big”. We can be surprised with the interior side of this 2019 BMW M4. One thing for sure is that most materials that will be used in the cabin are lighter, such as the light-weight seats and also the facility console. The big surprise is maybe for the technology that will be applied on the cabin. It will make this M4 is ready to compete with its rivals such as the Audi RS5 and also the Mercedes Benz AMG C63.

2019 BMW M4 Engine and Specs

The new M4 will use the same engine like what the M3 model used. It is the twin-turbo 3-liter inline-6 in which this engine can make up to 425 horsepower and 406 pound-feet for the torque. That 2019 BMW M4 engine can make the car is able to accelerate in just 4.1 seconds. The other engine options can come as the possibility. However, BMW is still not giving its confirmation about that, so we just can wait and see until that Auto Company gives the information about the other engine options.

2019 BMW M4 Price and Release Date

The next thing that we want to inform us about the release date and price of this car. Based on the information, the 2019 BMW M4 price is started from $66,300. That price is for the basic model and it can be more expensive for the fully loaded trim. There is not any information about the release date, but early on 2019 can be the most potential moment to launch this car.

2019 BMW M4 CS series Photos

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